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Jean, the Vitagraph Dog

Jean in her most widely circulated publicity photo.

Laurence Trimble, today remembered more for Strongheart, reportedly got his first film gig for his Rough Collie (or Scotch Collie at the time) simply by being in the right place at the right time. He’d actually come to Vitagraph studios in New York to write an article on movie making, but ended up offering his dog for a leading role.

Jean with John Bunny in Bachelor Buttons (1912).

Jean (1902–1916) became the second Collie movie star, and, in fact, only the second dog movie star in history after Blair of England.

Note Jean’s tri-color markings.

Jean appeared in at least 25 films, almost all of them shorts, and became the first ever American canine movie star, paving the way for Strongheart, Rin-Tin-Tin, Brownie, Terry, Lassie, and all the rest.

✯ Known Jean Filmography ✯

If you know more films of Jean’s, please let me know!

  • Jean and the Calico Doll (1910)
  • Jean, the Match-Maker (1910)
  • Jean Goes Foraging (1910)
  • Jean Goes Fishing (1910)
  • A Tin-Type Romance (1910)
  • Jean and the Waif (1910)
  • Where the Winds Blow (1910)
  • Her Mother’s Wedding Gown (1910)
  • Jean Rescues (1911)
  • When the Light Waned (1911)
  • The Stumbling Block (1911)
  • Tested by the Flag (1911)
  • Auld Lang Syne (1911)
  • Jean Intervenes (1912)
  • Playmates (1912)
  • The Church Across the Way (1912)
  • Bachelor Buttons (1912)
  • The Signal of Distress (1912)
  • Jean and Her Family (1913) – A documentary short.
  • Jean’s Evidence (1913)
  • ‘Fraid Cat (1914)
  • The Shepherd Lassie of Argyle (1914)
  • Through the Valley of Shadows (1914) – Possibly Jean’s first feature-length film.
  • Lost and Won (1915)
  • Far from the Madding Crowd (1915) – Another feature film at five reels.

Jean in Playmates (1912)