Dogs of Horror

Horrifying Hounds and Terrifying Terriers

✯ The Reel Dogs of Horror ✯

In 1921 the first feature-lenghth Hound of the Baskervilles may have launched the deadly dog genre of the silver screen. There were likely already short films featuring killer dogs, mad dogs, ghost dogs, or other savage canines after human blood. Just as there have been tales of murderous dogs since earliest mythologies and folktales.

From the internationally famous like Cujo (1983) to the little-known and bizarre like Atomic Dog (1998), and from silent films to modern releases, movie dogs keep just as busy playing man’s worst enemy as best friend. Below are some notable canine horror films, trailers, and lists of horror, thriller, and related dog movies.

✯ Good Dogs Gone Bad: The Lawless Killers ✯

✯ Machines, Demons, Supernatural Beasts ✯

✯ Working for the Man: Dogs Trained to Kill ✯

✯ More Notable Mentions ✯

✯ Heroes of Horror ✯

There is a flip-side to the canine killer of the big screen: the dog who battles unspeakable evil rather than being unspeakable evil. Below are some highlights.

✯ Dogs in Horror Movies ✯

Below is a list of canine horror films in a variety of sub-genres and ranging from starring huge packs of dogs to only featuring a dog in a supporting role:

Not exactly “horror” films, but thrillers and other speculative and dark dog movies:


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